Saturday, June 24, 2006

See You in Syndication...

Aaron Spelling, a man who almost solely proved the Law of Indirect Proportion Between Wealth and Talent (I believe U2 has taken the reins on this now), has passed away. With this loss, who will step up to show us the true face of upper class teenage angst or the daily goings-on of long-legged, crime fighting vixens? Actually, I can't really hate Aaron Spelling for his candied fluff, there certainly is worse on TV.

And while learning of Mr. Spelling's death, I came upon this article of a man rewarded 400,000 dollars for a penile implant gone awry. Seems he's had an erection going on ten years. I had made a quick joke about his lawyers not shaking his know, something juvenile, but then I read in the article that he was a handyman. Damn you CNN for beating me to that joke, you're supposed to be above that.

High Point of the Week: I found my Bees album, Free the Bees, in my friend's Life Aquatic DVD after he had stole it for the last four months. Damn, is that really the high note?

Low Point of the Week: On the night we went 0-7 for the season in softball, I scraped and bruised my shin sliding. It hurts to walk, hurts to sleep on, and it hurts when I pee (don't party too hard in Phnom Penh...that's a hard lesson to learn).

Finally, we here at the program would like to wish our good friend 3kalb over at Error 204 a happy birthday, and hopefully many more on Channel 4. And on that note, goodnight, fooligans.


Au$10 said...

Your links are unstoppable, Klein.

And also, no one is safe on this blog! Not even dead guys who made bad television shows! Snap!

Grego said...

Thanks for the kind words, sir, I do it for the kids. I'd like to think it's, what we all want. See what I just did there? Yeah, bro!.

I'm an idiot.

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