Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Tao of Starbuck

So I'm currently rewatching Battlestar Galactica because...well, because the show is frakking amazing. After watching the episode in which Starbuck interrogates Leoben for the first time, it got me thinking about her role in the grand scheme of things. But first...

***The following contains spoilers and hypothetical, hyperbolic guesses from the end of Season 3 and beyond***

Granted, the people who read P2S either a)don't watch the show, or b) are well-versed in their BSG and are probably like me and outraged we still have to wait until January for new episodes. But I digress...

The end of Season 3 saw the return of Starbuck, returning to the fleet after supposedly spending some amount of time on Earth, and ready to guide them to the thirteenth colony. We also were given four of the final five Cylons, with the fifth still a mystery. Which begs the question, "Who's the last toaster?"

Starbuck seems like an obvious answer...almost too obvious. I won't get into who I think the twelfth is (but I have my guesses), but rather stick to Starbuck. She could be a messenger sent by the Lords of Kobol to help guide the humans to Earth, which would make her a holy figure and therefore explains her coming back from the dead. But...and this is way out there...what if she is a Cylon, but rather than the twelfth, is the thirteenth?

Twelve colonies, twelve Lords of Kobol, twelve Zodiac gotta love the math and symbolism behind having twelve Cylons. But with Earth being the "13th colony," could Starbuck be the thirteenth Cylon? And not only that, but possibly the god of the Cylons? Some kind of overarching character meant to unite all the Cylons and humans together to make Earth the new Caprica? Whoa, where did that just come from? That may have been a bit much, but Starbuck has returned from the grave, is tied up in the grand scheme of the prophecy, has many religious parallels (her Eye of Jupiter drawings, the Aurora statuette [the goddess of dawn]?), and our only knowledge of her memories are hallucinations guided by Leoben (could they have been implanted, i.e. Boomer?). She's something special alright, and I think it transcends the simple duality of human/Cylon. Starbuck may end up being the most important character in this series, but to what end, we can only wait to find out. You can believe that everyone aboard Galactica will think she's a Cylon initially.

...whew. I could go on, but packing awaits. What are your thoughts on the above rantings? Either comment or shoot me an email; I really would like to discuss this at length, preferably over a more eloquent medium than blogging. Damn I love this show. So say we all.

Messin' With Texas

This Sunday, I finally get the hell out of Dodge and make the move for Austin. We here at P2S are quite excited, and a little scared, at the thought of moving to a new city. What will I be doing out there? That's a good question; I'll let you know when I find the answer. But with Albuquerque in my rear view sights, I feel pretty darn good at what opportunities await me out there.

Until then, this and the post above may be my last for a while as I set up residence. I'll send you all an email with the new address for you to send me many tidings of good welcome. Fruit, flowers, cookies, monkey butlers...I'm not choosy. Take care, fooligans.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Musical Goodness, Canada Style

Who says you have to go to Austin to find worthwhile musical entertainment? Oh yeah, I did, which is why I'm moving there (among other well thought-out reasons). But still, New Pornographers tonight. Sunshine Theater. I hope to see all you mass romantics there.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bless You Austin. Blaustin.

No, I speak not of the creative mastermind behind What We All Want, Decatur CD's blog, Prefix Magazine's website, and eventual musical world supremacy, or even the Austin with the Robert Goulet voice and boyish bad-boy charm, but the little known city in Texas. That Austin will be my next home starting October 1, and I hear they have an alright music scene (I hope I can see a concert or two while I'm there...fingers crossed).

In fact, P2S will be on a bit of a hiatus while I visit there this week and scout out the area. I'll be back on Saturday and will try to give some longer info and posts then.

Oh, and thanks to all who came and rocked out at our fire shows, they went amazingly well. In fact, I only lit one small child on fire, so I consider that a success on both counts (low fatality count, but still, there was a fatality count. Awesome.). Take care until then, fooligans.

EDIT: Showing how good of a friend I am, the website Austin manages is Paste. Now that I see the site and the magazine cover, I realize I was waaaaay off. Sorry Austin. Saustin.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mr. I'm on Fire Mr.

I'm a little late in posting this, but here is the full schedule of fire shows my group, Agni Mirage, will be performing at the New Mexico State Fair. We had our first performance tonight, and while the wind proved a formidable foe, the show looked awesome. You can find us south of the Manuel Lujan building, on the main street that runs west of it. Ch-check it out!

9/11 - Tuesday: 8-9
9/13 - Thursday: 8-9
9/16 - Sunday: 7:45-8:45
9/17 - Monday: 7:45-8:45
9/21 - Friday: 8-9

Thursday, September 06, 2007

R.I.P. Luciano Pavarotti

While the loss of this amazing singer is a sad one, we can still enjoy one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard: "Parigi, O Cara," the final duet of Verdi's La Traviata. It starts about at about 1:30, but the lead-in is pretty good, too. His voice will truly be missed.