Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bless You Austin. Blaustin.

No, I speak not of the creative mastermind behind What We All Want, Decatur CD's blog, Prefix Magazine's website, and eventual musical world supremacy, or even the Austin with the Robert Goulet voice and boyish bad-boy charm, but the little known city in Texas. That Austin will be my next home starting October 1, and I hear they have an alright music scene (I hope I can see a concert or two while I'm there...fingers crossed).

In fact, P2S will be on a bit of a hiatus while I visit there this week and scout out the area. I'll be back on Saturday and will try to give some longer info and posts then.

Oh, and thanks to all who came and rocked out at our fire shows, they went amazingly well. In fact, I only lit one small child on fire, so I consider that a success on both counts (low fatality count, but still, there was a fatality count. Awesome.). Take care until then, fooligans.

EDIT: Showing how good of a friend I am, the website Austin manages is Paste. Now that I see the site and the magazine cover, I realize I was waaaaay off. Sorry Austin. Saustin.


allison said...

Who's the tool bag who stole Austin's name?! Gross! I've always wanted to visit Austin, Texas, Jodie's homeland, perhaps now I'll have an excellent reason!! Good Luck with your search!!

Au$10 said...

Paste's website, dude. Paste's.

Excited about yr move, though.

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Thanks, apartment searching has been a long day of fun...soon to be two. But yes, all are welcome to partake in the Austin goodness. And I mean that in many different ways.

And yeah, sorry about the whole Prefix/Paste thing. Consider the mistake post-fixed.

P.S. Seriously, how sleazy is that imposter Austin!? Ick.