Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Miss You More than Michael Bay Missed the Mark...

I was quite excited at work yesterday when a coworker told me about an upcoming live-action Transformers movie. In particular, a scene of a certain Decepticon taking out the Beagle 2 on Mars in a quick teaser trailer. Check it out here. But then I saw what followed and all hopes built up crashed oh so hard to the ground. Director - Michael Bay.

I got shivers. The man who brought us gems like Pearl Harbor or the upcoming Miami Vice now has the reins for this? But I guess if you're seeing a Transformers movie, you aren't going for a good script or believability, but rather two hours of overstylized eye candy. I'll start taking bets about how much overbudget and behind schedule they'll be. Over/Under: $60 million, 3 months.

Finally, Mr. Bay gave me an excuse to play this. Enjoy.


P-Town said...

Greggo, I was of the same mind when I heard Bay was directing Transformers...but Bob and Dude have made me take heart. Anachronistic melodramatic war movies aside, he's got some solid action flicks under his belt: Bad Boys, Armageddon, Bad Boys II, The Island. All good stuff, and proof that he can direct movies with considerable CG sequences. Take heart, sir. After all, if the new Transformers blows ass, there's always the 1986 version.

I cry, Greg, every single time I watch Optimus Prime die. Every single time.

Grego said...

I suppose you're right, sir. On both the CG sequences, and about Optimus. What a tragic hero.

I keep seeing the Miami Vice trailer on TV, and each time I have to keep down vomit.

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