Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dear Farscape,

You're awesome.



3kalb said...


Grego said...


P-Town said...

Never seen Farscape. I'm sure it pales in comparison to the majesty that is Battlestar Galactica.

3kalb said...

Dear P-Tiddy,

You take the back! Take it back! Actually... watch some Farscape... WATCH SOME FARSCAPE!!!

I wouldn't say it pales in comparison. I've just finished the first season of BSG and am 1/4 through the second season, and so far I'd say that neither show is better than the other. They are both great equally and differently. If you like BSG you'll like Farscape. Especially the later seasons of Farscape. Trust me.

Am I going to have to start sending you DVD-Rs of Farscape? Is that what it will take to get you to watch it? If it is I'm not afraid to do it.

Dear Gregoloo,

Could you e-mail me your mailing addy? I have something I'd like to send your way.

Grego said...

Actually, I've been waiting to watch BSG until after I finished Farscape. So I think I'm going to watch that first miniseries tonight. I can't wait!

But Pat, I implore you to watch Farscape. The third season was my favorite, but they're all great. Lots of humor, action, and awesome characters/plotlines. One word: Scorpius. Villainous!!!

And to kalb3ay, I'm about to move at the end of the week. Once I'm situated, you shall have my address, and I shall have your swag. That's a great deal!