Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pueblo or Bust

Man I love that picture. God bless Trigger Happy TV. But anywho, I'm off to sunny Pueblo, CO, for the weekend, so I'm just killing some time here at work before I go. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. In a world where people die of starvation everyday, there's nothing like a holiday that celebrates eating more than your stomach can possibly hold. So be gluttonous, for next month we celebrate avarice. Hey, that's two of the seven deadly sins! God bless America.

A quick aside: if you haven't visited lately, check it out. Looks like someone's jealous of YouTube getting bought for $1.65 billion, so they dressed up like them to see if lightning strikes twice. Too bad their new format suck-diddly-ucks. Oh well; godspeed, ifilm.


Anonymous said...

What's in California besides drought and Germanic governors? Hope you had a good Turkey Day.

Grego said...

CO is Colorado, Mr. College Grad.

But yes, it was a good Turkey Day. The next day, however, I got far too drunk at a bar in front of most of the family. Whoops. I blame my cousin for insisting on buying those tasty, tasty shots. And yours?