Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

Hey now, everybody, let's turn those frowns upside down. Moods seem a bit low right now, so cheer yourself up with this amazing pardoy of the Mac commercials. Boo and yah.

"PS3 vs. Wii"


3kalb said...

It's all true. It's all SOOOOO true!

I say this, as a proud owner of a Wii.

Grego said...

I came upon that video while reading up on the Wii, but I still have yet to play it. I can imagine it's as fun as it looks. You're enjoying it?

Anonymous said...

That's glorious. Just simply -- glorious. We're totally going to rock the Wii next weekend, Ekalb.

Anonymous said...

Dear P-Town,
We totally are. You'll have to make a Mii before we can throw rocks with The Dude in a 10 pin tourney.

Dear Grego,
Prego? As in "with child" or perhaps "pasta sauce". Maybe "with pasta sauce"? I have been enjoying the Wii. I've been meaning to post my thoughts on the Wii, but things have been a bit hectic because of the holidays, and the recent ice storm (which I've also been meaning to post pictures... it'll happen.) However, there has been a delay in your mailbag. I haven't forgot about you, but it may have to wait till after the new year. In which case it'll be bigger than ever, and blow your ass away with the power of the blackest black of metal.

Anonymous said...

Klein, I'm worried. My lower intestine is constricting painfully because of the lack of update son your blog. My skin is flaking off in large, translucent sheets because I can't get my dose of P2S every day. Please update, so the pain can cease.

Grego said...

Ekalb, I think it works for both. If you make a pasta baby then eat it, can you be preggers with it, or is that a stupid question (stupid because the answer is yes?)? But I never doubted you forgot about the mailing, no worries on that; weather is always a good scapegoat. I look forward to the metal enema.

And Patrick, look up, your medicine has arrived. It's just a small dose, but I need to get to bed before leaving tomorrow. I'll update further Sunday. Peace out, playa.