Thursday, January 18, 2007

Me Encanta Pocoyo!

Buenos dias, amigos. I apologize for not giving my post-Mexico report yet, but I'm waiting for my sister to email me pictures of the perfection that was Ixtapa, seeing as the memory stick I bought at the airport didn't work in my camera. Oh well. Until then, however, I'd like to fill you in on something I discovered there.

It's called Pocoyo, an animated preschool program. I happened upon it flipping channels while sick in bed (bad meat), and I've fallen in love with it. Apparently it's all over Europe, along with Mexico (and I think even Japan), and both english and spanish versions are very well-made (although the voice of the spanish Pocoyo is unbearably cute). The show is about Pocoyo and his friends and the fun little adventures they get in. The other characters are Pato, a duck; Eli, a pink elephant; Lula, a dog; and various other friends who sometimes show up, like an manic octopus that talks in jibberish.

The premise of the show is really simple, and there isn't much beyond whatever props they're using (the background is a limitless white abyss like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from DBZ). But the animation is really well done - I love their faces and the whole playful look it has - and the sounds and music work really complete the show.

Yes, I know I'm getting worked up over a show for four-year-olds, but watch and you'll agree; it's just an incredibly fun, innocent, enjoyable show. I'll start with "El Gran Estornudo" (The Big Sneeze), the first episode I saw. Following it is "Don't Touch," for those who'd like to see and hear an episode in english. After viewing these, you can visit YouTube for more. And more. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected Dr. Greg Klein -- a man who juggles fire while listening to Pantera, a man known for his collection of blunt instruments, a man I'm convinced has served me a human liver at a dinner party -- would post this sentence on his blog:

"It's just an incredibly fun, innocent, enjoyable show."

Nice find, Klein.

Grego said...

Ha! What can I say, Pocoyo has melted my cold, cold heart with his overwhelming cuteness.

You tell anyone about this and I'll mace you good!

Anonymous said...

That matte animation gives me a hard-on.

Anonymous said...

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