Friday, January 26, 2007

Tony Hawk Who?

A magical thing happened a few days ago: I beat my previous high score in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 with a score of 783,068,500 IN A SINGLE TRICK!!! I don't know how may of you have played this wonderful game, but it's probably my favorite of all time. Great game engine, soundtrack, replayability...this was by far the best in the series. Plus, if you've played this game, you'll respect the hell out of this trick, even if I used an accidental glitch to start out with 6,000,000 off a Super Hand Clap air trick. Now, I have the picture for this score on my phone, but for some reason it won't send. I know, how convenient, right? Whatev. I'll be sure to post it once my phone decides to straighten up and fly right.

Over the years I've mastered THPS3 inside and out, and luckily I have a friend I can play with who can hang with me, but this latest score just goes to show the domination of man - or Greg - over machine. Score one for the human race here. Sure, it's not quite a billion points, but it's closer than my previous high of 525,000,000. RawK!

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