Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spoiling Your Appetite


Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let me say...2008? 2008?!?!!??!?! You gotta be kiddin me! After a "meh" season 3 (I heard someone say it's turned more into a space opera than a space battle) and the proverbial load blowing at the end of the finale, we now have to wait nine months to see another minute of BSG? Shenanigans.

Which reminds me: Pat, I need your cell number again, as I think I texted "2008?!" to your old 573 number, which I believe is now owned by a pair of 12-year-old-girls. I doubt they understood the message.

But yeah, what does this absence say about season 4? Are they doing the 24 approach and wanting an uninterrupted season? Are they just trying to write everything in advance for what seems like the show's last season? Are they in negotiations with the network, meaning things could fall through and we could be sans season 4? So much drama, and we have yet to step in front on the camera. Hmmm....

But let's get down to business, shall we? But where to begin...

The Final Five - Okay, so Tyrol, Tigh, Tory, and Anders are supposedly four of the last five, after hearing "All Around the Watchtower" throughout the ship and all meeting together in one of Galactica's rooms, which would be freaky if you were one of the four. But are they Cylons? My first thought was no (oooooh, how brave, right?). Here's why:

On New Caprica (along with every other instance), these four were pretty much the embodiment of the resistance against the Cylons. What better way for the Cylons to fuck with the humans than to make these four question whether or not they're a toaster or not (was I the only one holding their breath when Tory and Tigh stood next to their respective number ones, thinking thoughts of season 1's finale?).

But this could also be written that they are. Every time they show the final five, they're always robed in white and glowing. I also thought that they could be an anti-cylon Cylon, meaning that they're the Cylons who have been decreed to help guide the humans to Earth and protect them against the remaining seven, and these are definitely four people you can count on to stand up for the human race. I don't know, I've always been a big fan of the religious undertones of the show. We shall know in time, I guess.

And then there's the last Cylon. Once I saw Gaius' attorney pull a Keyser Soze and leave Galactica, I'm sure alarms were all going off in our collective heads of knuckle. Maybe he did it for the sympathy vote, but he just seemed TOO smooth of a character throughout the trial. Now I could go into a bunch of other ideas of who the last Cylon is, but this post is already getting too long. So new subject...

Starbuck - She's baaaaack. And not a moment too soon. They couldn't keep her written out for too long. I don't think she's a Cylon, but there are some weird religious/greater picture gears in motion. What happened when we saw her blow up? Maybe she transcended this plane or something, but I don't think she's a Cylon, as she was in her Viper and plus, how would she have been able to get out of whatever Resurrection Ship/planet she reanimated in? Prohpet? Maybe. Looks like we're following her Viper to Earth, regardless.

Okay, after reading the above material, I feel if I kept going I'd start rambling incessantly because I can do so easily with this show, and I know I haven't even touched Gaius and his fate, so if you'd like to continue this discussion at a later time, I'm game. Hit me up, fooligans.


comrade said...

Excellent analysis. Ronald Moore confirmed that Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Tory are indeed Cylons, so that mystery is solved until they say otherwise.

I have lots of thoughts on the ending as well. Firstly, the Dylan cover absolutely blew my fucking mind. Does this mean that BSG is occurring in our universe? Crowdpleaser has some thoughts, as well as a nifty link to a blog post from the show's composer.

I think all 4 of the new Cylons are uniquely placed to royally fuck with stuff in Season 4. Tigh is second to Adama, Tory is second to Roslin, Tyrol fixes the Vipers and Anders...well, I'm not sure how Anders fits in. But he's going to be damn glad to see Starbuck.

Speaking of which, it's sort of obvious that Starbuck is the final Cylon. She died and came back, has prophetic visions, etc. So obvious that it's probably a red herring. I like your theory that Baltar's lawyer is a Cylon. He was a damn cool character...I hope we see more of him.

I read another theory that the Final Five Cylons represent a splinter group that broke off from the main body and generally resists their efforts around the universe.

Anyway. For my money, Starbuck is the frontrunner to be the 5th Cylon. Too obvious? Maybe. We shall see, good sir, in a mere 10 months. AARRGH!

comrade said...

One more response to your comment on Crowdpleaser: the Four absolutely DID recognize the song...remember how one of them describes the tune as "something from childhood?" To me that's proof that somehow, somewhere this song's not just an interstellar fart that accidentally ended up in Galactica's main deck.

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Yeah, I never really thought it was the result of a million intergalactic monkeys typing away, but that it was an actual song (from where, though? hmmm). The reason I so drunkenly ranted on your comment board was because if they know this version of "Watchtower," they never mention the name of the song or sing any of the words until the very end. I'm sure it was done for suspense and dramatic purposes, though, which added to the overall confusion, theirs and ours. But I guess we'll find about it much more in depth next year. Le sigh. Regardless, I thought it was a cool move on BSG's part to include the song plot twist. And great stuff on your blog about "Watchtower," sir...very enjoyable.

And lastly, if you make Starbuck a Cylon, I think it really diminishes the humans' role in this show...same thing with Roslin. If either of them become Cylons, all this religious nonsense goes right out the window. I'm thinking a herald/prophet of the Lords of Kobol. Silver Starbuck, anyone?

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Oh, and great stuff here, too. Thanks for going back-and-forth with me about our collective BSG theories. It's quite fun.