Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where's Grego?

I apologize, it’s been about three weeks since last I posted anything here. Some things can’t be helped, though, as I’ve spent that time running around the globe, chasing a mythical beast in the name of entertainment. Allow me to explain.

Reports had come in from northern New Mexico about some kind of lizard demon. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Greg, that was just the Chupacabra, that’s nothing new.”

You’re half right. Actually, it was the Chupabarbara, the helpful counterpart to the Chupacabra. Instead of ruining fences and sucking the life out of goats, this charitable entity cooks you dinner, folds your laundry, and performs other nice tasks. In the past, it ahs been called Chupabuela for its grandmotherly similarity.

I was entranced, so a friend and I hightailed it to Estancia and tried to capture it on camera. We interviewed locals, spoke with a Chupacologist, and even set a trap for it. What developed was a screenplay that, fingers crossed, will be picked to win the Duke City Shootout. I’ll know by June 1 whether or not I get to share my love of the Chupabarbara with the rest of the world. If not, we’ll still make the movie; it must be done.

Then, earlier this month, I attended a piercing convention in Las Vegas. I was tipped off that the Chupabarbara was drawn to the penny slots at the Frontier, so I went undercover as a mild-mannered copy editor to hopefully catch her/it. Sadly, the only thing I caught was a wicked hangover after a late night of partying with a friend who lives in Vegas.

Which brings us to the present. Currently, I had been busy finalizing the script, prepping my resume to be sent out for when I move to LA in August, future job and apartment searching, and taking care of impending deadlines at the magazine. I feel bad I haven’t had time to keep up with Pandering to Savages, and even now I have to keep running back and forth between here and my apartment’s laundry room to see if a machine has opened up. But rest assured this is the beginning of a rebirth. I’ll check out everyone’s blog soon and leave some wit and candor, but until then, I hope you enjoyed reading of my travels, trials, treats, and tribulations. Talk soon, fooligans.

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