Monday, June 04, 2007

Talentless Hacks

Or as they're officially called, the judges of the Duke City Shootout (although I think the Pussycat Dolls fit that heading, too).

Today, seven scripts were chosen for a local film contest that brings in competition from all around the country. My friend Eric and I turned in what we believed to be a damn fine story about the Chupabarbara (the Chupacabra's charitable counterpart) in mockumentary style, but they decided to go with projects such as "So Five Minutes Ago" and "The Pitch." Wow, sounds gripping. Douches.

So it appears that my friend and I will now be able to produce this film our own way, rather than making a trimmed and watered down version that we had turned in to make the time limits for the DCS. So I'll keep everyone posted as to the status of that, along with all the other projects we'll be working on.

Oh yeah, and plenty of them (projects, that is: music videos, short films, and general hilarity). I'll be quitting my job starting Friday, and look forward to a summer full of writing, filmmaking, and overall creative goodness. Keep an eye out at P2S for upcoming fun and frivolity.


comrade said...

At least you can say you tried. Plus did you really want producers meddling in your masterpiece?

What's the story on your job? You don't sound like you're in any hurry to find a new one....

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Good point, it's probably better this way. Now if I just knew how to work a camera, set up lighting, edit film.........crap.

As for the job, I've been sending out resumes around the area but have yet to hear back from anyone. It's hard to look for a job so far away. I'll be visiting out there soon and hounding people more. Fingers crossed. If anything, people are always looking for good waiters or man whores. So I got that going for me.