Sunday, July 29, 2007

Outrageous Claim of the Day

If the Cardinals win today and put themselves only six games behind the Brewers, expect good things to happen. You may even see them make some moves before Tuesday's trade deadline to give them an extra push down the stretch (I won't say who, but depending on said moves, you could see Rick Ankiel in the outfield this year. Whoa). That's if they win, though.

For those who saw any of the doubleheader yesterday, the Cards won both against the Brew Crew, the first game won in the bottom of the ninth after scoring three runs down 6-4. This could be a spark for the Cardinals, who are still without their No. 1 & 2 pitchers, have been hit by injuries around the field, are sporting a starting rotation of relievers, and who have struggled with run support. Hey, any spark right now is needed, and winning three of four against your division leader would be a great momentum boost. Let's take a closer look at the Cards and their season after this game and go from there.

Fingers crossed, this fan still hasn't given up.

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