Friday, August 10, 2007

#2 - Call It a Comeback

In keeping with the positive vibes of the above post, we here at P2S would also like to congratulate Rick Ankiel for his return to the Cardinals as an outfielder last night against the Padres.

A St. Louis favorite, Ankiel was a very promising pitcher for the Cardinals before his historic meltdown against the Braves and Mets in the 2000 postseason. Recently, Rick has been lighting up scoreboards as an outfielder in the Minors for the last several years and has always been on the breath of Cardinals fans wanting to see him come back.

Last night, Ankiel got that chance. Called up for Thursday's game, Ankiel went 0-2 before hitting a 3-run blast that put the Cardinals up 5-0, earning him a curtain call from the crowd and making that moment one of the best so far this season. Best of luck to Ankiel and the rest of the Cardinals as they continue down the stretch only 5.5 games out.

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