Thursday, November 01, 2007

100% All American Man Beef

And what better way to start off NaBloPoMoJoJoGloFo than with some quality humor. I was recently told about a website called, which is pretty much two guys from Gonzaga who film some awesome short skits. I hear they do pretty well for themselves on YouTube, and are even working on creating something for NBC. What you'll see below is titled "MANtage," and is pure, undiluted silliness and hilarity.

Oh, and happy November, everyone...doesn't it seem this year has just flown by? It seems like only last month I was quitting my job in Albuquerque, starry-eyed and full of west coast pipe dreams. Oh well, Austin has worked out pretty nicely so far; I really can't complain about seeing Hot Hot Heat, De Novo Dahl, and Rilo Kiley so far, along with upcoming shows Aesop Rock, Architecture in Helsinki, The Hold Steady, and maybe Gwar and the Polyphonic Spree (although I've missed Man Man, White Rabbits, Del, Atmosphere, and probably many others...). There's really too much, and I LUB it. But until tomorrow, when I hopefully have something a little more to contribute, I bid you all adieu. Enjoy the clip; I know you will.


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3kalb said...

That was the greatest MANtage I've ever seen.

"I'm Out... I'm back!"