Saturday, November 03, 2007

To Me, From Me

Back in the fifth grade, I was in the Enrichment program. I don't remember much of it, aside from playing Oregon Trail, creating an advertising campaign for a fictional gum company (Sgt. Bubble, I think), and other fun stuff that got me out of class an hour every day.

But one thing I had been carrying around for several years was a time capsule I made in that class. I've been hesitant to open it, as I thought it would be cool to wait and open it at, say, 40 or something. I don't know. But when I arrived here in Austin, I thought it was time to break it open some 14 years later. Guess I got a little too antsy in the pantsy. Here's what I found:

-A letter I wrote to myself (which is framed and sitting on my desk)
-A letter my Enrichment teacher, Mrs. McCausland, wrote to me
-A picture of my Enrichment class
-Several pages of political cartoons I drew (pretty good, too)
-A Garfield book (so that's where it went)
-Heir to the Empire, a Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn
-A whoopee cushion, although it kinda melted
-A few pennies
-And some sheets of blank paper (because who knew what we'd be writing on in the future)

The gem, though, was the letter I wrote. You can see it above, although the quality is poor from my phone taking a picture of it behind a frame. Meh. But I will transcribe it so you can see how much of a smartass I was.

Dear future Greg Klein,
I am writing from the fifth grade a letter. Mrs. McCausland, my Enrichment teacher, is making me write this letter. By the time you read this, you will be graduating from high school. Go figure! My favorite group is Paperboy. Song is "Ditty." My girlfriend is Kendra Lewis. If she still is, slap yourself in the face. Is your favorite finger sign still the middle? Hope so. Well, get on with your life. Remember Peck (R)

(image of a cartoon character I made up and drew all the time)
Well, gotta go. Here's your fifth grade signature.


Yep, sounds like a young me. Oh, and that thing about the girlfriend? She was a girl who lived up the street I had a HUGE crush on, but was always too afraid to approach. Hence the slapping in the face if I actually was dating her. But yeah, this totally made my night opening it; I hope you enjoyed the letter as well.

Until tomorrow, when I turn 150, have a good night, fooligans.


als said...

Oh. My. God. Greg, that time capsule is absolutely priceless!! Thank you for sharing such awesomeness!

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

I know! I was quite giddy that night opening it. I'm glad we could all take a trip back in time to Greg's childhood.

Also, I forgot to mention another valuable item in the capsule I just remembered: A cassette of Totally Krossed Out by Kriss Kross. I'm SO not lying. I'd also be lying if I said I hadn't jammed it since its rediscovery.

Backwards clothes? How could that NOT sell records?!