Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drunken Monday Ramblings, Part Deuce

Oh, and kudos to the NHL.

We all remember what happened during the whole strike nonsense, and they earned every bit of criticism and insult thrown their way, but they came back, understanding they were going to be demoted to the Outside Living Network for their selfish bickering. And while it's easy to poke fun at hockey and trash them for the strike (I've done it many a time), I have to give them credit for playing a humble and hard-fought season. I didn't follow the season closely - the Blues buh-lowed this season - but Carolina just won a close series against Edmonton to cap off a postseason of awesome hockey.

I hope the NHL is happy with being, maybe, MAYBE, the number six sport. I think they'd be ecstatic with that right now. Let's face it, this is a football nation, and we still love us some baseball, basketball, and NASCAR. And then you have the X sports, the rise of UFC, and of course, golf. So yeah, it's a long road back to where they once were. But this is a step in the right direction.

Now while I would have loved to see Chris Pronger win, Doug Weight and Corey Stillman are two other former Blues players who deserve to hoist the Cup. I can't believe Carolina beat a Canadian team, but Tampa Bay won the last one against Calgary, so I guess weirder things have happened.


Au$10 said...

Also, yer links are killin' me.

P-Town said...

I want to like hockey. Really I do. But it just doesn't come across as a real sport. Yes, the guys are athletic, but so are soccer players -- and those games are a lot more fun. And have less ice involved.

Grego said...

Opinion duly noted, eaten, and passed by me.

But I agree, they both can be hard games to get into. It all depends whether or not you like your fighting in the stands or on the field.

Anonymous said...

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