Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Drunken Monday Ramblings, Part One

Now that I'm blogging officially, I guess one of the requirements is a filling in of goings-on in the life of yours truly. There are some who know all too well of the long drunken ramblings of Gregory Steven Alouiscious Klein, and I'll spare you that this time. But consider yourself on alert. So here, because is there any better way to convey it, are Greg's Top 5 Moments of the Weekend:

1. I got in a water fight late Friday night while sobering up at a hookah bar downtown over an argument between who Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary Steenburgen were. I don't know how it started, I don't know who was right (probably me), but our time there was cut quite short.
2. The Cardinals swept the Rockies. Because fuck Pete Coors.
3. There was this bus of nuns I rescued after their brakes went out on a mountain pass. No big deal.
4. Gnarls Barkley performing "Crazy" on the Movie Awards in a Star Wars-themed ensemble. Chewie played drums! Yes, that song may be played out, but I just heard for the first time...well, right then. I know, point and laugh.
5. I saw The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Although I liked For a Few Dollars More more, Clint Eastwood is still a bad man. A bad, bad man.

And finally, the Quote of the Weekend:
Eric: She was a scat dancer.
Greg: Bee-bop-badda-bop.
Eric: Not that kind of scat, the East German kind.

Is that about how these go?


Au$10 said...

That argument/water fight sounds amazing.

Also, too bad the Cardinals got completely whooped and beaten bloody last night by the ChiSox, huh?

3kalb said...

In response to au$10's comment..

Yeah, I saw the Whites beat the Reds over at Gabe's. They gave it a good go come top of the ninth though. Also, those White Sox are a mean bunch of boys.

In response to Greg-O's post...

So, according to 3, YOU'RE BATMAN! and, GB&U is a kick ass film. I agree that For A Few Dollars More is good, but I love the transitions and long drawn out tenseful sequences in GB&U. I can't watch Fistful of Dollars anymore because I saw Yojimbo before I watchted it. I love Yojimbo, but my favorite Kurosawa film so far is The Hidden Fortress.

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