Monday, June 26, 2006

You're the Devil in Disguise

Many of you are familiar with the cuddly pillow talk of Ann Coulter. Yes, her musings are praised amongst the literati of our society who respect sound arguments backed by logic and reason.

Now, you can test your knowledge of this prolific author/speaker/racist by comparing quotes of her and her mentor. I only got 8 correct, so I guess I have a bit more studying to do. Don't worry, I won't let you down again, Ms. Coulter.

The Hitler vs. Coulter Quiz

Really, the simple fact we can have this quiz and have it bo so hard should be funny, but then I look at her book sales. I don't know who I hate more: her or the people paying $25 to read this written excrement. Maybe a little of both, a potpourri of hate, if you will.


P-Town said...

I got 7 right...she's TEH SATEN!!

I hear you're reading Watchmen...I have only one quote for you:

"I am Pagliacci."

Grego said...

That was a great little joke. Rorshach's journal, along with the many different levels intertwined within the's amazing. Two chapters left, and I can't wait to finish it. I see why this comic gets all the hub-bub, bub.

"A life of conflict with no time for friends… so that when it's done, only our enemies leave roses."

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