Thursday, July 06, 2006

Greatest. Cartoon. Ever.

I don't know how many of you watched Looney Tunes as a kid. Me, I was raised on it. Not only did I get up every Saturday morning to watch the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour, but every time I saw it on television, the channel surfing stopped, if only for seven minutes. My sister, my dad, my mom...all Looney Tunes fans. God forbid, if I ever have a child, he or she will also be raised on Looney Tunes.

Looking past the whole slapstick aspect, their expressions, or the fact that most of the cartoons were synched up with a live orchestra, Looney Tunes were incredibly intelligent and so far ahead of their time (they talked to the audience during these cartoons!). Yes, the characters were animated, but they recognized this and embraced it. Their ability to poke fun at everything in popular culture, current events, or life in general was amazing. Plus, the ability to pull a stick of TNT or a sledghammer from behind your back always helps win laughs.

Favorite character: Daffy Duck (although unrelated, Homer Simpson and Eric Cartman follow closely behind). Eccentric, unpredictable, manic, wacky, sarcastic, self-centered, completely off-the-wall...he knew he deserved to be the number one star, but yet he was always the victim, always getting the short end of the stick. Growing up, I saw myself in Daffy, and he was a HUGE influence in my comedic upbringing. While his cartoons with just him are amazing, how he played off characters like Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig (I can't find online links to "Deduce, You Say" or "Robin Hood Daffy," but download them...NOW!) was just priceless. The one you're about to see below is kind of a mixture of the two types. Yes, I'm rambling, but that's okay.

You can't count the shows/movies/comedians/people in general who have been influenced by these cartoons. It's also probably why I own eight DVDs of Looney Tunes (and soon to own four more). So I thought, as a treat to you all (cause I like ya), here is "Duck Amuck," Pandering to Savages' all-time favorite cartoon. How Daffy reacts to the non-stop messing with the environment around him...pure genius. Enjoy, fooligans.


3kalb said...

I must say, that is my favorite "Looney Tunes" toon as well. I'm not a huge fan, but I've always been quite fond of Daffy Duck. Have you seen how the WB is attempting to modernize (bastardize) their classic icons in "Loonatics"? It's a real tragedy, it is.

Grego said...

What a revoltin development. Sickening doesn't begin to describe this Loonatics abomination. I read up on their superpowers and wondered if a writer's 10-year-old son came up with them. Spin Levels of 8447.8, quantum quack teleportations. Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

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