Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stroking my 1st Amendment Rights (part 3 of 3): Dubya - The Blog Stops Here

And to finish up, I thought we’d have some fun with words and do a little Dubya acrostic. Thanks for bearing with me these last few days, I had to get some of this off my chest..

P – Phony. In 2000, he becomes one of only two presidents to lose the popular vote and still win. Chief Justice Rehnquist gets two votes for Bush. Second one matters a whole lot more. Quite the auspicious way to begin your presidency.
R – Reelected. HOW?! Okay, so Bush and Co. ran a great fear-mongering campaign and the Democrats were too cowardly to call Bush out on it or anything else he did. Plus, John Kerry couldn’t come up with anything to counter “flip-flop.” They lost the presidency themselves. Check out this video of the RNC highlights.
E – Environment, or his mockery of. Under Bush, EPA penalties against polluters have set a record 15-year low. He’s allowed power plants and refineries to increase production without worrying about reducing pollution. There’s the drilling in Alaska, the selling of public land to timber interests in Oregon, and a third of his appointments to federal courts worked as lobbyists for polluting industries, such as oil, gas, timber, and mining. I could go on.
S –Social Security, and his attempt to privatize it. As if Americans didn’t have enough to worry about, now they all have to become overnight brokers and soundly and intelligently invest their Social Security? Now, the hole we find ourselves in isn’t entirely his fault, but he’s dealing with it the completely wrong way.
I – Iraq, the war that would define his presidency. Well, how has that gone? We all remember “Mission Accomplished,” but since then, we have a thriving insurgency, a country missing the most basic of amenities in many of the regions, 125,000 Iraqis dead, and the ever-looming possibility of a civil war. Bush has said that this will be a problem for future presidents…he’s already passing the buck on his great war! But not to worry: America has built 14 “enduring” military bases, including the largest American military base in the world.
D – Diplomacy. Paul Wolfowitz was appointed as President of the World Bank and John Bolton was appointed as Ambassador to the United Nations. ‘Nuff said.
E – Eloquence, or lack thereof. When you can have a day-by-day calendar of muddled quotes by our leader, I don’t know if it’s really funny or really sad? Probably a little of both. This is the most powerful man in the world, he speaks for our country, and he can’t put together a sentence.
N – Nine Eleven. Looking past the horrible tragedy, 9/11 was a gift-wrapped blank check for Bush to get away with anything he wanted. If anyone questioned his overseas conflicts or his domestic surveillance, he need only refer to the Twin Towers and scare you into thinking it could happen again and call his opponents un-American if they disagree with him. I mean, you’re not FOR terrorism, are you?
T – Tax cuts. When we’re running a record deficit, what do we need? More tax cuts for the wealthy. Hooray! Yes, Bush has rewarded those who have put him in office by convincing you that you’ll benefit from these cuts, while the majority will go to those in the upper income level. Because that money wouldn’t be better spent going back into the system and helping failing programs and domestic issues. Lee Raymond needs to buy himself another Bentley. And you all fell for it. Shame on you.

BBrown, Michael. Sure, there had been jokes of cronyism in Bush's administration, but Katrina really brought it to the forefront. The president of an Arabian horse club is the head of FEMA when the worst disaster ever hits American soil. Egg, meet face. Of course, to be fair, Katrina was a failure on all levels of the government, not just Bush.
U – Underage Drinking. Okay, so this is just an opportunity to showcase the Bush twins and their ability to close down a bar. Who wouldn’t love to go out and party with these two?
S – School neglect. I speak of No Child Left Behind. Because all school systems, rich or poor, are essentially the same, right? And rather than taking the time and effort to go in and evaluate schools, let’s just make a cookie-cutter test students take one day of the year to judge schools and pass out funding that way. Even if that worked, there are still HUGE questions if the funding would be there. This is just further evidence of where Bush places his importance on domestic issues and enriching the future of this country. Sad.
H – History, and how it will shine on him. After reading this, I think we can all safely say it won’t be in a good light.

I’m sure there were many different angles to take this, there’s just too much material to work with. Oh well, now we can get back to the fun stuff, sorry for the three-day buzzkill. Happy 4th everyone!


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