Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That's Gubbelicious!

Okay, so it's an older picture, but when one has an excuse to whip out some nostalgia, I say go for it. This is from the black-tie soiree that still ranks as one of my favorite nights. Thanks again to all who made it out, it meant a lot.

But I digress. Yesterday, everyone in the 505 was treated to a certain Mr. Christopher Gubbels driving through for the night after two weeks south de la border with his girlfriend, Trish. It was a fun time had by all, even by the high schoolers who wanted to fight us after we yelled they were driving the wrong way on the street (which they were).

We had a few drinks around town, I showed them the lights of the city, which looks amazing, and we played with their Rey Mysterio lucha libre mask, which turns you into a high-flying badass upon donning it. Sadly (or thankfully?) there was no mischief committed, as the mask-wearing was kept within the safety of my four walls. Yeah, definitely sadly.

I was a poor host in the morning, though; I had to leave early to argue with the bank before I went to work, but it still was great to see them. Godspeed, Gubbs, our paths shall cross again.

And since he's first to vist me since I've moved out here, he's shot up quite a few rungs on the friendship ladder. You all could take a lesson. Not sayin, just sayin.


Anonymous said...

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Katy said...

This is not an interesting website with lots of resources and detailed explanations, looks like you got served. Oh by the way, the girl on the right is very pretty.

Grego said...

Personally, I think Mr. Anonymous has a point. Looking at recent posts, I would have say he's pretty spot on about the resources, explanations, and general goodness emanating from this website.

And yes, the girl on the right is very pretty. Not to mention intelligent, well-spoken, and an upstanding citizen. Who is she, by the way?

Anonymous said...

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P-Town said...

Greg - looks like you've got a fucking spambot sowing seeds of discord in your blog. I don't understand -- with word verification, that shit shouldn't happen.

In any case, the night in question was VERY good for me. If you know what I'm saying. And I think you do. Don't you?

Katy said...

Not to brag or anything, but I think she is me!

Grego said...

Yeah, this all happened right before I started the word verification thing. You might say it instigated it. Well, you would, actually.

Was that you, Katy? I knew she looked familiar from somewhere.

Au$10 said...

Dang, you had a Gubbs sighting? How can I get one-a dem?

Grego said...

I prayed to my Kabbalistic deity every night, and do a little bloodletting every Friday. It finally paid off after six months. Give it a whirl, or do you really want to see Gubbs?