Saturday, July 29, 2006

With A Name Like Arrogant Bastard, How Can You Go Wrong?

Answer: you can’t.

I’m not afraid to say that throughout college I was a Bud Light drinker. A big one. Every now and then, I treated myself to some Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. But in general, I was a slave to the fizzy yellow nonsense. Not to say I've become a beer snob, but once I moved to Albuquerque, my friend introduced me to a whole new world of beer. Along with checking out local microbreweries, I discovered Stone Brewery, from San Diego.

I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure of drinking any of their beers, you’d remember if you had. First, their artwork on the bottles is amazing. You can see that (kinda) in the picture above. Those are all 22oz. bottles on one of the walls next to the fireplace in my house. We found out that God must a Stone beer fan, and made these shelves the exact height needed for a bottle. I’m very proud of it. A real sense of drunken accomplishment came with its completion.

No matter if you drink their Porter, their Double IPA (my favorite), the Russian Imperial Stout (which resembles motor oil), or Arrogant Bastard - their take on brown lagers - you will be overwhelmed by the taste. It’s strong, in both the alcoholic and flavor sense of the world. Check out their website, or just go to a liquor store and ask for their Stone products. This gets the GSA, Greg Seal of Approval. Be careful, though, too many of these can lead to hijinx and/or hilarity. Which leads me to my next post…

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