Monday, July 31, 2006

Never Eat Octopus at a Chinese Buffet, and Other Observations

Here's a few fun things I found out over the last twenty-four hours. I hope you can learn a thing or two as well.

1. Never eat octopus at a Chinese buffet. And fried oysters, too. In fact, just stay away from seafood. Yes, I know you LOVE shrimp, but it's for the best. See, I have a weekly ritual of eating sushi every Sunday. My friends, though, said, "Let's go to China Star. It's cheaper, and you can get sushi there." Yeah, what just went through your head went through mine also. But I decided to go with them, and I'd see what they had to offer. Turns out they only had crab rolls, and I'm allergic to shellfish. I did, however, try their octopus and fried oysters. The octopus didn't taste bad, but I could only eat half the oyster; tasted a little too fishy (pun intended). I won't go into details, but things went south around 8 that evening. Guess why I didn't go into work today.

2. Cops is a great show, especially when it takes place in your home town. Let's take a tally of the debauchery thus far: two domestic disturbances; one high-speed chase with shots fired; one possesion of meth, a loaded firearm, and $3500; and two crack deals. I once saw my friend's house across the street during an arrest of a transvestite. I love this town. Funny thing: our mayor, Martin Chavez, told Cops to stop coming to Albuquerque, as we were their most popular town they ever filmed. Apparently he thought it painted Albuquerque in a bad light, but you can't beat that kind of prime-time exposure.

3. The Cubs suck. Although I do have to hand it to the Cardinals. They realized how down Cubs fans must be right now, so they swallowed their pride and let Chicago sweep them in front of their home crowd. Bravo, St. Louis, that was very selfless. Now let's get back to winning.


Wandering Oscar said...

Personally, I'd urge people not to eat octopus in ANY restaurant, but this is a step forward for octopus rights. Well done.

Grego said...

Personally, I'm more concerned for the welfare of my fellow homo sapiens. Sadly, I can't ensure your family's safety next time I'm at an upstanding seafood restaurant, but you're okay in my book, Oscar. Thanks for the nod.