Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Steve Martin Plays A Mean Banjo, and Mel Gibson Plays A Mean Anti-Semite

Now while this may be old news to…well, probably all of you, I felt it fun to bring up. The Passion of the Mel recently got pulled over for a DUI. But this seemingly normal celebrity drunk driving case has an added twist: while being arrested, he started berating the officer, asking him if he was Jewish and stating that Jews are responsible for starting numerous wars. Frankly, I can’t believe it. Mel Gibson anti-semitic? Maybe if we would have had some indication, some hints into his twisted psyche, maybe this wouldn’t be so shocking. Although this makes the South Park episode with him in it that much funnier.

And on a lighter note, I recently acquired the comediscography of Steve Martin. While I already loved the silly wit of Steve Martin, I found out that he plays the banjo…really well. Amazingly well. If you have a chance, listen to Let’s Get Small, his first album. It’s comic gold. Plenty of banjo playing and banjo-related humor, too, like the inability to play a sad song with the banjo, or how the banjo could have saved Nixon. Wow, I just used “banjo” four times in a sentence. Top that, fooligans!


P-Town said...

I've been giggling gleefully as Mel Gibson's career implodes. His DUI performance was the equivalent of flashing his fruit basket at the Academy Awards. Steve Martin also plays the ukelele very professionally, too.

Grego said...

I had no idea about the uke, but I guess they're essentially the same. It still translates into comedy.

And speaking of comedy, Mel's slippery slope continues. I'm sure the Chosen People were sad to hear his miniseries about the Holocaust was pulled. *insert horrible yet funny Holocaust joke here*

And my verification was "tuqac." Eerily close to dead rapper of same name. Mr. Shakur's speaking to me from beyond the grave. Or maybe from an island in Barbados.

Als said...

I really like the part of The Passion of the Mel where he saw a female officer looking at him and said thusly: "What are you lookin' at, sugar tits?"

Grego said...

I hadn't heard that. But that just made my day; it's not everyday you hear a "sugar tits" thrown down.

There must be a God, and he's laughing at Mel right along with us.