Friday, August 04, 2006

It's a Musicstravaganza!

Well it looks like all that hard work at the office last week paid off, because we made bonus for one of the magazines. And what better use to spend said money than a trip to the music store (paying down credit cards is so boring). I walked out with a Faith No More double DVD, a Ben Folds Five DVD, and Spoon’s reissue of Telephono with the Soft Effects EP. Currently, Mr. Folds is on the telly behind me, playing an amazing version of “Selfless, Cold, and Composed.” I struggle to quell the tears.

The Ben Folds was a sort of impulse buy, as were the gummy bears at the register (I never turn down Haribo Gold-Bears. NEVER!). Initially, I had gone in for the Faith No More and Spoon, but Ben Folds was staring right at me as I picked up the FNM. And how could I resist, when it was looking at me with these sad eyes, wanting to find a good home? The FNM, however, was essential: a full concert and every music video they made. Oh yes. Refer to six posts below to see why I’m so excited.

And then there’s Spoon. This Austin band of rockers has been Grego’s favorite band for quite some time, but a recent string of bad luck has kept Telephono out of my grasp. My Spoon collection is now complete, and I feel more whole as a person as well. How nice of Spoon to realize the position I was in and rerelease not only their first album, but also their EP that shortly followed. Keep a lookout for some upcoming Spoon pandering.

I believe posts like this are what people refer to as “mailing it in.” But hey, you read it, so I guess my job is done. Good night, fooligans.

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