Monday, August 28, 2006

...And The Crowd Goes Wild!

Brevity's the name of the game tonight. So here goes:

The Cardinals swept the Cubs this weekend. Our pitching actually looked good, and Gary (thanks Austin) Bennett came in LARGE with two game-winning at-bats, including a bottom of the ninth grand slam with the game tied at 6 on Sunday. I was jumping and screaming like a little schoolgirl. At least this time I had an excuse. Things are looking better than on Friday when we were tied with the Reds for the division lead. Fingers crossed!

24 won five Emmys, including Best Drama and Best Actor. No, I didn't watch the ceremonies, although I heart Conan, but I did read the highlights on Yahoo News. But back to 24. Many know that Monday nights hold a sacred place in my heart. I am not to be disturbed during my hourly date with Jack Bauer. I've been with this show since the beginning and I've loved every bit of it. Yes, even the mountain lion (man, I WISH I could find a pic of this...oh well). I can't wait until January!

That's all you get!


Au$10 said...

Um, isn't his name Gary?

Grego said...

Yeah, um, Michael is his middle name.

Whoops. It was that crafty Michael Barrett. I'm an idiot.

P-Town said...

Ah sports, how do I miss thee. Comic books are my sports - grown men performing amazing feats of strength and endurance all in the name of truth, justice and the Amerkin way. With beer.

Grego said...

That's right Pat. The only thing red about this freedom lover is the blood running through his veins that pumps to the beat of the Star Spangled Banner.

Which reminds me: I need to see the doctor about my heart arrythma.