Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Rock Heads Like Mount Rushmore

Turn on the radio to your local hip-hop station, what do you hear? Chingy? Lil Jon? Ne Yo? Any of the other talentless hacks saturating the airwaves with their unoriginal beats and ryhmes about how rich they are/how many bitches they have? Yeah, same here, too. We also get a LOT of the Latino hip-hop for the myriad Blaxicans in the 505.

But if you're reading this, chances are you probably don't listen to those kind of stations (what can I say, I know my audience). But if you're looking for some lyrical, clever hip-hop, you need to listen to Binary Star. This now disbanded Michigan duo have more creativity in one simile than the entire playlist of 97.3 FM has in, well, something much bigger.

What follows isn't really a Top 5, because that would be too damn hard, but consider this a short list of notable Binary Star lines. If you like what you hear, let me know; I always love to share the Binary Star.

1. "You lack discipline, you're going nowhere like flat Michelins." - Fellowship
2. "I'm second to none while you get none like a convent." - Thinkin' Cap
3. "I even freestyle in French when I'm rhyming abroad." - KGB
4. "I see through your competition; you might be fly, but I'm a hawk, you's a pigeon." - Water World
5. "The winning team, I coach rhymes like Lenny Wilkens. Keep the world guessing my style like Rumplestiltskin." - Dat Fast Food Joint



P-Town said...

On the topic of music, Greg, I'd just like to say that a while back I purchased The Format's CD at the urging of Pandering to Savages, and the album has just recently become an essential part of my daily ipod tunes. I love every song, and I'm starting to burn copies of the disc for everyone I know. Thanks once again for turning me on to such an excellent band.

Grego said...

I'm glad to hear that, Pat. I really enjoy that album, too. Lots of poppy fun. So I say, "Share that love with everyone!" Okay, well actually I only write it, but you can imagine me saying it.