Saturday, September 02, 2006

Whoops. Better late than never.

So our Tigers play UNM on the 17th. Anyone care to make the 16+ hour drive for a football game and a weekend in the desert? Sure, there'll be no Brad Smith, but I'll make sure you get an extra-large helping of Greg Klein, if you know what I mean (do or don't take it the wrong way, whichever is more fun for you).

Let me know. Sorry, I had meant to bring this up earlier as I had these delusions of a large ABQ hootenanny, but I think that deadline has passed. But right now, I'm off to the races. Literally. We'll talk later.


Katy said...

Although an extra large helping of Greg Klein sounds deeeelightful, I am going to have to pass. Missouri football is retarded.

Grego said...

That's just the post-Brad Smith depression talking. Look towards the good times, Katy, believe they're there! I believe! Can I get an amen?