Saturday, August 05, 2006


Fuckin' A, folks, if you're fuckin' like me, you're fuckin' always running in and out of the fucking house, no time to sit the fuck down and enjoy a fucking screening of Big Lebowski. Well fuck, worry no more. Now you can fucking watch this fucking pocket-sized, edited version of fuckin' Lebowski, coming in at a fucking svelte 2:14. Fuck guys, it's fuckin' sweet.

Disclaimer: the above post and video may have contained some graphic language. Don't worry, it was all for comedic effect. Get the fuck over it.


3kalb said...

Fuckin' A

Old School

P-Town said...

Oh my G-d! That is some d--m good humor! After hearing all those swearwords, I feel the need to censor my f-----g language like I'm a Charles Dickens novel.

Grego said...

I kn*w, I c***dn't resist sh*wing th*t shit off, P*t, th*t's fuck in its m*st concent***ed f*rm.

Palabra arriba, gentlemen.