Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Things

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Eerie, scary, mysterious ways.

For those who can't open videos on this site, go here: I don't know what to say about this clip. I'm kinda freaked out, but this girl - who can't be more than ten - can really command a room. Kids this young shouldn't be this adept at demagoguery. My advice to you is to book a flight to Rio and join the Crusade now before it's too late.

Sorry, I'm having problems with the browser at work, so I can't hyperlink. Sure, the easy solution would be to wait until I get home to post this, but where's the fun in that?


Katy said...

I was able to see this video from the Ifilm web address and I think that is sad and scary. Its like she is not even a child and all of that screaming has got to damage the vocal chords.

Grego said...

I knew of your predicament with opening videos, and I felt this had to be shared regardless of puter error.

It's amazing to see her that passionate. Talk about a loss of childhood innocence. I almost hope it's just some zealot midget dressed up as an 8-year-old. Like Little Man, but funnier.

P-Town said...



That is so crazy it's beyond words. All she'd hafta do is say "God says march to City Hall and disembowel the mayor" and then she'd had a freakin' religious crusade on her hands.

Reminds me of those chainsmoking Thai boys who led the Army of God (that has since fallen apart).

Katy said...

I did indeed think of my chainsmoking Thai babies when I saw this. I guess G.W. is right bout something, and that is that world is definitely coming to an end. That is the only explanation for religious zealot babies.

And that that the baby Jesus hates gays because they are ruining marriage for the straights. George Bush is right about that too.

Als said...

Holy, holy shit. I think that maybe I wouldn't have been so scared if the girl was speaking English. Oh...wait...was that English?

3kalb said...

Man, when I was that age and I yelled at a crowd my mom smacked me. What a lucky kid.