Monday, August 14, 2006

Warning: Silly Questions May Result in Shuriken to Face

I realize that many of you visit this site like crazed fanatics for insight, knowledge, and humor; I thank you for that. Sometimes, though, the sagacious wisdom of a ninja is needed to clean those nitty, gritty, hard-to-reach areas of the brain. But how does one track a ninja down? The Yellow Pages? Your local Chamber of Commerce? Checking you city's sewer systems?

Answer: Finally, normal people like you and me (well, mostly you) can ask a ninja pressing questions like the history of the number 3, a ninja's love of heavy metal, midget ninjas (minjas), or what a ninja thinks of Pirates of the Caribbean Part Deux. It kicks Jeeve's snooty, pretentious, limey ass all over the internets.

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