Monday, September 18, 2006

Be That Guy

Welcome to the first post of my two-part symphony. This was one of the more eventful weekends in recent memory. First, we start with Saturday: the UNM - Mizzou game.

I had been looking forward to this for a long time, especially after being humiliated last year when UNM eked out a win at Columbia. A special day like this necessitated a special preparty/tailgate (i.e. drinking like a fish beforehand).

I had plans to meet up with some friends at the game, but the lot they were in was full before I got there, which is probably good because it was full of Lobo fans. So we went down the street around a bunch of Mizzou fans, and were close to the tent where the alumni were celebrating. It was a surprisingly good turnout for the Black & Gold. Truman was there, as you can see above. I met the parents of the place kicker. They were so nice, I kept from making a kicker joke. Which was hard.

Anywho, after drinking a few, we went to our seats right at kickoff. I had thought we'd be sitting next to the Mizzou fans, as we were sitting on the south side (in Faurot the visitors sit there); don't want to put the visiting fans next to the students, right? Yeah, you'd think so, but remember: we're in Albuquerque. Luckily, there were four Mizzou fans close to us, so I didn't feel so alone. We also snuck some rum in, so our PG-rated cokes kept our buzz going.

I was in my element. Yelling at every play, cheering VERY loud for first downs, sacks, key tackles...and there were quite a few of all three. As the game drew on, so did my volume (that doesn't make any sense). Yes, I was the loud, annoying fan you all hate to have at a game. And it was so much fun.

The Tigers looked awesome, by the way. There were a few drives in the first half they punted away when they should have tried the field goal, but they swarmed on defense, had some great runs, and a few deep plays.

Overall score: 27-17. M-I-Z...(let's hear it!). Fans started leaving early, so I yelled at them about how it must suck to suck (I know, I'm a dick). Then on the way out, I sang the Mizzou fight song all the way to the car. Fast forward to the bar afterwards: I bought a round of Black & Gold drinks for the table of UNM fans. They were good sports about it. So yeah, there's the night. I want you to know I represented our school very graciously. On to part deuce.


Katy said...

"We will tramp, tramp, tramp around the Columns"

TRAMP! Hah! I never realized that!

Grego said...

Always gotta play blue, eh Katy?

But I guess, why do you think those true sons are so happy hearted?