Monday, September 18, 2006

Megadeth and Navajo Women

And then there was Sunday. I took it easy for most of the day, as the night before had caught up to me. But I had to shake it off, as Gigantour awaited my roommate and I that night.

I had missed it last year beacuse my mom was in town, but I was not to be denied this year (no offense, Mom). The lineup wasn't as strong as '05, when Fear Factory and Dream Theater were part of the lineup, but I was looking forward to hearing Arch Enemy and Lamb of God. Not nearly as much as Megadeth, but that goes without saying

One thing you learn about going to a hard rock/metal concert in Albuquerque is that you get some colorful individuals coming out. You have the Rez Rockers, the white trash, and everything in between. You never know what delinquency awaits you in the lawn. Case in point: in the span of 30 minutes, I was feet away from 1) an impromptu trash fire and 2) a fight that broke out from people taking moshing a tad too seriously.

Also, I think I can start my case study on the sexual attractions of overweight Navajo women. Thesis: it's me. Yes, Navajo women love Greg Klein. Example 1: The Cult/Black Crowes & Jimmy Page concert, summer 2000. I was taken over by a Navajo woman who started dancing/rubbing behind me and wouldn't let me go. Example 2: The Arbors apartments, September 2005. Doing laundry, I met my neighbor, a Navajo woman, adjacent to me. I said hello, the usual neighbor niceties. 20 minutes later, a guy knocked on my door and told me to go to the bottom of the stairs. She was down there, waiting for me. She told me I seemed nice, and that she was looking for a good fuck and if I could help her with that. I politely declined. Example 3: Gigantour, September 2006. During Lamb of God, a Navajo woman next to me started talking to me, offered me a drink of her beer (she gave me the last swallow. how sick!), and then asked if I would follow her over to the beer tent. I told her I should stay with my roommate, but thanks anyway. I think I could write a grant proposal looking more into this phenomenon. I'll keep you posted.

But on to Megadeth, other bands be damned! I had seen Megadeth once before, but never headlining (they were opening for Motley Crue when I saw them). Dave Mustaine puts on an amazing show. They opened with "Wake Up Dead" and "In My Darkest Hour," closed with "Holy Wars...," and shredded the hell out of every song in between. Lots of pyrotechnics, lots of guitar solos, lots of yelling and singing along, and lots of heavy fucking metal. I'm a little hoarse today, half from yelling, half from the awful wind, but it was all worth it.

MEGADETH!!! That's like a million deths!


Au$10 said...

Navajo metal sex rockathon? Whoa...

Grego said...

What can I say, I know what my audience wants.

P-Town said...

That's an amazing story about the women. If you find yourself overcome by their lust, just distract them with firewater. They'll sleep it off on a grassy field, and you'll escape on horseback.

I must say, I'm really enjoying the bolded, capitalized first letter of every post on PTS. I'm envious of it, to tell the truth. I may steal it for Crowdpleaser.

Grego said...

LOL, all it takes is a gallon of water and a can of Aqua Net. The inital cost is low, and the potential payoff is huge. Quick thinking Pat, you're a true friend. And to prevent repetition, I answered your second half elsewhere. But where exactly? Hmmm. There inlies the thrill of the chase.