Monday, September 04, 2006

"Let there be wine." "And women." "And song." "And women."

And then I climbed a few rungs on the social ladder Sunday and went to the Bernalillo Wine Festival. It was overcast, but it didn't rain, which made for a cool afternoon.

Lines=long. LOOOONG. Much longer than last year's festival. We stood in line nearly an hour just to get in (Quote of the day: "What is this, a line festival?" -Eric). And then, once we got in, the lines in front of every booth were silly long. It took 20 minutes just to get out first glass, thanks to some uppity couple who tried EVERY wine on the menu and then bought three bottles.

But we tasted some great local wines, like D.W. Lescombe's Syrah, Milagro had an awesome Rio Cuvee, and I think it was Luna Rossa with a good semi-sweet red. What can I say, I'm a red wine guy. We also got something from the Corrales Winery, but I was too entranced by the pourer's eyes to really care about what I was drinking.

We only had time to visit about 8 of the wineries. My wine browsing time was cut short because I had to stand in line for twenty minutes to get turkey legs for Eric and myself, courtesy of Powdrell's BBQ. The wait was well worth it, as waits for turkey legs usually are. Huge, greasy, meaty, and mucho delicioso.

Instead of taking the light rail back (we had taken it there), we had Eric's girlfriend's mom pick us up. Our seats on the Rail Runner were not guaranteed, and they were only making one trip back into town. Plus, we beat all the traffic at the train station.

We then went back to Eric's apartment and got even more tipsy, finishing off his bottle of tequila before going to his parents' house and raiding their liquor cabinet. I felt like a sophomore in high school all over again.

Other notable quotes of the day:
"I hope they get sodomized by a piece of rusty wood. (pause) Yeah, that sounds right." -Me, about the two in front of us at the D.W. Lescombe's wine tent
"I'm very proud of my bush." -Christina, showing me a picture of her rose bush on her phone
"I hate clowns. I'd curb a clown." -Eric, as we passed two face-painting clowns in line


Au$10 said...

Sounds badass, my friend. The Great Decatur Beer Tasting Festival is coming up on October 21st, and I'm gleeful with anticipation. Book your flight now!

Also, I got the rock/magazine package yesterday upon my return to GA. Thanks!

Grego said...

Drunkalicious, indeed. So could I go to the Decatur Chamber of Commerce site and get a package deal on flight tickets and admission to the Beerfest? I might be swayed if so.

And I'm glad to hear everything arrived smoothly. Check to be mailed out today or tomorrow. So get off my ass already!