Friday, February 09, 2007

The Great, Grand, Glorious YouTube Debut

And we net a profit of $200. Sweet deal for two hours of work.

Many of you got either an email or bulletin today from me about a video my friend Eric and I did for a contest from the CW, a local TV station. He had to make a commercial promoting The King of Queens, possibly winning a trip to L.A. to view a taping and meet the cast. Now myself, I've never really watched the show, but my friend LOVES it. As do the Germans, so I'm told. Hence, the horrible accents.

I do apologize for the rushed nature with which you received the message. Apparently the contest ended at 5:00 today and the video wasn't put on there until around noon. So we had to get the word out, and I did the best I could while at work. What can I say, y'all came through.

Thanks to everyone who visited it/promoted it/passesd it along. With your visits we won the $200 runner-up prize. Sadly, we won't be going to L.A., but I promise the money will be used on only the finest booze and hookers Albuquerque has to offer (although I was looking forward to making out with Leah Renimi).

And for those (un?)fortunate souls who missed the silliness, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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