Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl. Puppy Bowl.

Who ya got?

Tomorrow's the big game and probably the biggest unofficial holiday in America. Personally, I lost a lot of excitement once the Chargers lost, but I think this is shaping up to be a good game. With the Colts offense and the Bears defense, it really hinges on which team shows up tomorrow. It can go either way, but I like the Colts. Not by much, but I think Peyton will find a way to squeak past that swarming Chicago defense. Granted, I watched Chicago come back against the Cardinals solely due to their defense, but that was against the Cardinals. I just hope it will be a good game: not a big blowout, but not another repeat of the Colts-Ravens divisional (15-6. Woo.).

But the game I can't wait to watch is happening at the same time on Animal Planet (but they'll be showing it all day long, I'm sure). I speak, of course, about Puppy Bowl III. Yes, you read it right. I watched this last year after I was flipping around the channels post-game. For those with no prior knowledge of Puppy Bowl, it's three hours of puppies playing in a small play area painted up as a stadium, set to light, childish music. That's it. Three hours. Puppies playing.

Oh, and every now and then a referee comes in and throws flags for penalties, like if a puppy bites another puppy's ear, or if he poops on the playing field, and there's also a camera in the water bowl so you can watch a puppy refresh itself. Three hours of this. Then a repeat.

Give it a watch; I kept going back to it last year, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and actually seeing three hours of puppies playing. I'll probably do the same this year. You can also go to the website and vote for your MVP. Personally, my money is on the chow. Sure, she's cute, but underneath that hairy facade lies the heart of a warrior. I can feel it. Enjoy the games everyone.

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