Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's a Swan, It's a Parrot, It's a...Noose?

For those who wonder how Greg spends his Friday afternoons, here's your answer: balloon animals. That's right, my friend Eric and I spent some time Friday making giraffes, parrots, and a whole menagerie of colorful latex animals for our upcoming short film, My Life with Funzo. The balloon noose will be made after Funzo has his feelings hurt by the main character...funny stuff.

Also, I met with a group earlier today called Centripetal Fire. They're a bunch of highly talented fire spinners who perform around the city and will be putting on a show tonight at Albuquerque Summerfest. It was awesome playing around with them, and they even asked me to join their troupe, which was way cool. I'll be helping out with the safety end of things tonight, but in time, they may even let me on stage to perform. God help us all.


comrade said...

Helping out with safety...does that mean running around with a fire extinguisher, while drunk? If so, sign me up.

Seriously, it looks like you're on the verge of going pro with that fire spinning act. Keep me posted on tour dates, etc.

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Especially while drunk.

Actually, the fire spinning didn't happen last week, but should be a go for this Saturday. Glee! It's been a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things, and I'm even learning poi, which I'm really stoked about.

And if you ever find yourself in the Albuquerque area on a Saturday over the summer, just drop by the downtown area and check us out. En fuego, baby!

Katy said...

what the fuuuuuuuck?