Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Keep Looking Up

The most important image ever taken? You be the judge after watching this. But however you feel, this video really puts things in perspective about how small we really are in this universe. Actually, can you really put 78 billion light years into perspective? A distance like that is almost too much to fathom. How can someone see something like that and NOT think we're the only ones in the universe? There's so much out there we don't know, it's not really a question of if there's life, but where they are and what they might look like.

Stars and planets are made of the same matter we are, but in different percentages and compositions. Sure, our carbon-based model has served as an efficient model for the building blocks of life, but could there be silicon-based life out there? Nitrogen-based? Could there be organisms who use ammonia in place of water? I'm throwing things out there, the possibilities are endless. For now, enjoy this video, and if you'd like to elaborate on this or talk some alien shop about our preconceived notions of how aliens should look, hit me up.

The Truth Is Out There

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