Tuesday, October 09, 2007


...I think you know how to finish the rest of that (and yes, "Fuck kU" is also accepted).

Saturday, the Tigers rolled over Nebraska 41-6, keeping the Corhuskers out of the end zone all game. It was a very impressive win for Mizzou (especially for their defense, which had been questionable), and jumped them to #11 on both polls. But while it's easy to be giddy about the Tigers right now (and it is...how about that fake FG? I heart teh trickery), an even bigger hurdle awaits them next week: Oklahoma.

The Sooners have looked good all year, and are a much more solid team than Nebraska. Plus, this game is in Norman. But with how the Texas TE's put up big numbers against OU last Saturday, I think Mizzou can do the same with theirs. It starts with Chase Daniel and how he follows up a career day against an always-scary OU defense. Let's hope Tony Temple can make a healthy return and establish himself on the ground; it will give Daniel the freedom to run the stretch offense as effectively as he did against Nebraska. The defense also needs to hold fast again, as OU can put up a bunch of points on the board.

Should the Tigers win, you can start talking BCS for them (although they follow up that game with stints against Texas Tech and, later, A&M and an unbeaten Kansas team). But after seeing them whoop up on Nebraska, I'm definitely humming a different tune about their chances this weekend, and ultimately, the Big 12 North. All we can do is watch and cheer them on.


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Als said...

Mmmm...that was a good game. And even though we did loose to Oklahoma, at least we showed up and played!