Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stevie Ray Vaughn Is Much Larger in Person

It’s now been a week since my move to Austin, and so far, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been quite the departure from the desert of New Mexico, but the rolling green hills are a welcome change. A not-so-welcome change has been the humidity; and yes, while I lived with the humidity of Columbia, it seems a bit stickier here.

But in the words of McWatt, “Oh well, what the hell.” Really, the weather is the only thing I can bitch about thus far. It’s been great living next to my sister (apartment complexes across the street) and hanging out with her. Also, a friend from college lives in a neighboring town 45 minutes away (Marble Falls). We got together Friday, he introduced me to Dexter (an amazing series on Showtime), and we went out for drinks. Fun times.

Then Sunday, I took in a concert, as I hear that a few bands like to visit Austin. I saw Rilo Kiley, and they put on a great show at a venue called Stubbs, which is a BBQ restaurant with an outdoor stage behind it. Pretty cool scene. Then next Tuesday, I get to see Fujiya & Miyagi, which should be a fun show. Send my sister a message telling her she should see them with me. While I don’t mind flying solo at concerts, it’s always nice to enjoy it with friends.

But meeting people here haven’t been a problem. My neighbors seem nice, and I’ve met others at the bars and the concert, although the latter ditched me when they said to meet at the Whataburger and never showed (their loss…I think I’m pretty cool). But everyone has been friendly, chatty…quite the departure from the Burque, which was a very cliquey city that’s pulled a gun on me before. And really, who needs that, besides women in abusive relationships? Sorry, too far?

Also, with the change of cities, I thought it was high time to quit smoking. Cigarettes, that is (although I’m clean on the green stuff as well). I had my last one Sunday, eight days ago, and I feel better for doing so; ten years had been long enough.

And now I have the internets, so all is well. I really think I made the right choice moving here. The non-grid road system will take a little getting used to (also, the hills at night make it easy to lose your direction), but I’m learning my general area, which has a lot of cool shops and restaurants.

Now the next big hurdle: a J-to-the-O-to-the muthafrakkin-B. I’ve applied to do some post-production video encoding and titling, but have yet to hear back from them. I’d love to do something film-wise, but I guess we’ll see. Until then, I’ll put the resume out there, write in my spare time, and hopefully meet some funny souls interested in making some sketch comedy/shorts. Drop me a line if you’re that person. Talk to you all soon, fooligans.

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