Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh My God! That Chair, It's En Fuego!

That's "on fire," for those who don't hablo espanol.

The visit from Gubbs a few weeks back sparked some memories of mischievous past events. He reminded me about the chair fire that took place in the Beta Sig/Campus Lutheran parking lot. My memories are fuzzy and spotty, but I do remember quite the crowd herding around the flaming piece of furniture. I think there was some dancing, some rejoicing, some general hijinks and hilarity. If you can remember better than I (and there are several fellow bloggers who I think were there...you know who you are!), I'd love to hear some of the charred details.

The great thing is that the burnt shell of the chair sat in the parking lot for the next few months. Cars had to drive around it, it was inconvenient, but no one moved it. I'd like to think they left it there out of respect and memorium.

But how great that evening was, it has its roots steeped in tradition. These pictures you see are from the first chair fire that took place in the backyard of Kagua House, in Albuquerque. If you remember the house I spoke of in the Cops post about the arrested transvestite, this is the same house. What happens when spare furniture and alcohol get together? We answered that age-old question.

Sure, it doesn't seem like there's much to it: add one unused chair, some lighter fluid, a little alcohol, and voila! But its beauty lies in its simplicity. For those enamored with what I've said, be sure to spread the love of the chair fire to friends and family around your local area. Just one time being exposed to this pyromaniacal delinquency and you'll come away feeling cleansed and wholly entertained. You're welcome.


P-Town said...

Strangely, I can't remember exactly whether or not I was there. I definitely remember some pyro-excitement at a few Mizzou parties, and I (like many others) partied a fair bit at the Beta Sig house...but for the life of me I can't place myself at the actual chair bbq you're referencing. Maybe someone else can interpret my memory better than me?

Als said...

**there is a spanish book burning behind the bouche and people standing around**
workie: "ew, something smells terrible!!"
greg: "smells like victory!"

Grego said...


You know, after I wrote about the chair fire, I remembered that glorious night. Bless you Allison. Blallison.

Didn't you offer something to the flames as well?

Katy said...

I am with Pat. I cannot remember the chair fire. This of course means I was still likely there. I probably lit the match or something, but I used to have a problem with the drinky.I do remember other stuff though... I think. Who are you anyway?

als said...

In my day I burned many things. It's like a tribal sacrifice or something.

Au$10 said...

Charred details? More like chaired details.

Ooooo, sick burn!

Oh shit, I did it again!