Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yay Spoon! Yay Cardinals! Yay Beer!

Okay, so there's not much direction to this post as of yet. I'm currently making a Spoon CD, and it's been tough to narrow down thus far. Right now, I'm 1:51 over and I don't know where to cut that out.

Also, Game 2 is about to start, and I couldn't be more excited. Those who watched the game last night know what I mean. The Cardinals looked awesome. Reyes pitched pretty much lights out, and the lineup did what they're supposed to do. But what's really been pissing me off is that St. Louis hasn't been given the amount of respect they deserve. No one at ESPN predicted them to win at San Diego, no one thought they could beat the Mets, and only one of eight thinks they'll win. In seven. Plus, the Fox pregame correspondants pandered to the local crowd and said Detroit would come away victorious.

But what happened? St. Louis beat the Padres in four, the Mets in a GREAT seven-game series, and routed Detroit last night 7-2. But of course, they say that the the Mets were injured and that Dertoit just lost momentum after a week off. When are the Cardinals get some much-needed praise?

This just in: Detroit hit a solo shot in the bottom of the first. But the Cards have been able to strike back after getting scored on all throughout the playoffs, so I'm not too worried about a 2-0 deficit after 1.

Sweet, I finally found a way to get it under 80 minutes, and now I'm just put the finishing touches on the playlist. I truly heart Spoon, and have since the first time I heard them in Lawrence with the head cheese over at What We All Want (and a great show that was; John Vanderslice's drummer was kraZy!). It's fun to listen to Spoon's five albums and hear how they've matured and progressed. With Telephono and Series of Sneaks, you really get a rawer Spoon, a little more rocked out than future years. But with Girls Can Tell, you get this Spoon After Dark feel. Really subdued and melodic, but still just as good. Kill the Moonlight had Spoon trying to be both minimalist ("Paper Tiger") and rocked out ("Jonathon Fisk"). And this led to Gimme Fiction. This was my favorite album last year, but I don't think it's their strongest by far. I don't know, I kinda long for the unpolished days of Spoon again. It's a very precise and well-made album, but it lost a bit of its intimacy, if that makes sense.

But anywho, they're still PTS's favorite band and pretty much do no wrong in my eyes (mostly due to that dreamy Britt Daniel). Here's the playlist for your burning enjoyment. I think it's a pretty good mix of the career de Spoon.

1. Everything Hits at Once
2. The Way We Get By
3. The Guestlist/The Execution
4. Cvantez
5. The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
6. Anything You Want
7. Reservations
8. Plastic Mylar
9. Sister Jack
10. Jonathon Fisk
11. Take Fifth
12. June's Foreign Spell
13. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
14. Advance Cassette
15. Someone Something
16. Primary
17. Something to Look Forward To
18. All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed
19. Take a Walk
20. Car Radio
21. I Summon You
22. All the Pretty Girls Go to the City
23. The Fitted Shirt
24. Dismember
25. Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now
26. The Agony of Laffitte
27. Chicago At Night

P.S. I know, 27 songs! That's an extra-large Spoon serving. ENJOY IT!

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