Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Am Awesome (Kinda)

Before I post something a little longer and more meaningful, I forgot to post this a ways back and I feel like a little pat on the back after getting hit in the head with a softball today. A power cable redirected a pop up and hit me square between the eyes. Now I have a nice little swollen cut between my eyes, but I'm treating it with some pre-birthday drinking and playing of the Wii.

But where was I? Oh yeah, 783 million on a single trick in Tony Hawk 3. I made that game my bitch. In case you were curious. You probably weren't. That's okay. Rock.


Veronica Faye said...

Ouch, that sounds painful. And yes, you probably are amazing on Tony Hawk. I've personally never figured out how to play it. Anyways, hope you can visit my blog:

als said...

Happy birthday Dr. Klein!!!

Kitten you're the Kicks said...

I thought some gangster guy hit you between the eyes with a beer bottle?

irish_maggie said...

I, sir, have also gotten hit in the face with a softball twice, actually.

Incident one: I was in the third grade and got popped in the jaw by some skank. My jaw is still dislocated. (Good news, boys?)

Incident two: I agreed to play in a mixed league and during WARM UP no less, a guy hit me while I wasn't paying attention. In all my years of rest, I had forgotten to look at the person playing catch with me.

I agree, let's chat soon. Are you coming to town anytime? If not, you should. And I hope your birthday went well.

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Veronica: Yeah, don't let the name fool you, softballs very much are NOT.

Als: Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a little too much fun, but then, if anything's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Kat: Did I say gangtser and beer bottle? I meant irate drunk and pool cue...I mean, errant softball pop-up...I mean...crap.

Magster: Dislocated jaw, huh? HotTtness. Apparently softball isn't your sport. Don't worry, I'm the same way, but I know we can sure watch the hell out of a baseball game (Can I get a kiiiiiiiiick?). And sadly no, I don't think I'll be visiting soon, as I'll be in the ATL this weekend, but hopefully sometime this summer I can make it up. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Talk soon.