Monday, November 05, 2007

"Uh Oh, Dad's Vomit."

Mystery Science Theater 3000. Need I say any more?

I remember growing up and watching this show every week on Comedy Central. Along with Looney Tunes, MST3K was my favorite and probably most influential source of comedy. Sure, in sixth grade I didn't get all of the jokes, but I got enough of them to absolutely heart the show. And luckily, my parents did get those jokes and also really liked the show. Otherwise, this post may not be happening right now. Rather, I'd be venting about how my mom and dad sheltered me during my upbringing and how they'd pay. EVERYONE would soon pay.

But no, no going postal for yours truly tonight. Instead, let's sit back and enjoy a classic short, "Keeping Clean and Neat," since it's the 14th anniversary of its MST premiere. And for those wanting to revel in some more silliness, YouTube has quite the stack of videos for your perusal. Of course, I'd recommend buying/"legally" downloading as many episodes as you can, but that's just me.

And yes, apparently I did need to say more. Nyah!

Update: This video just left me in tears. It's the many names they give the main character from "Space Mutiny" throughout the episode. Wow. Just wow.


3kalb said...

Oh how I heart the MST3K. So much in fact that my first tattoo is going to be a band of theater seats around my bicep with either Joel or Mike, Tom Servo, and Crow's silhouettes sitting in the outer three seats.

Greg "Danger" Klein said...

Coolest. Tattoo. Ever.

3kalb said...

I'm going to celebrate employment by getting a tattoo... Just as soon as I get a job.